Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Boudoir Sessions

bou·doir (b dwär, -dwôr) n. A woman's private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom

The Vision: To celebrate the intimacy between husbands and wives by beautifully capturing the seductive female body, expression and essence.

Note: If you have a password for our sample gallery, please enter the password in the "proofing" section on our main website. Click here for website: link

A Little Insight: I consider it a heart-felt privilege to photograph married women for their husbands. Capturing the beauty of subtle, yet suggestive moments that will ignite a fire of passion for a marriage is truly full-filling work! I am blessed, thankful and humbly appreciative of each woman who steps in front of my lens. This delicate type of photography has brought me so much joy...my heart sings when I hear from husbands that are not only shocked, but thrilled and excited about their treasured photos.

Info: Sessions can be private or booked in a "girls night out" format, which is considered a group of 4-6 women.

Private Session: Regular Session rates for private sessions are: $125/weekday or $175/weekend. Location is up to you-I can provide a studio-type of setting, we can shoot at your home, or in a fancy hotel room.

Girls Night Out: Designed for 4-6 women, each taking a turn in front of the camera in a fun, relaxing environment. One Hostess is responsible for inviting the girls, and will receive a complimentary session. The session fee is $85.00 per person and includes about 25 minutes of shooting time. All photos will be available on a cd for a promotional price of $300.00.

A Boudoir Information Letter will be emailed to you at the time of booking to answer frequently asked questions and help you prepare for your session.

If you are interested in viewing client approved samples, please email me for a password into my boudoir gallery. stacy@setfreephotography.com

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Kemi_81 said...

Boudoir photography sessions are very famous among girls, who made this glamorous photo album as a present for their fiancée and husband.

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